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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you allowed to serve alcohol after 10:00PM?

A: Yes! As part of the Alberta exemption program, we can serve alcohol right up until last call. (2:00AM)

Q: Someone I know does not have their ID, can they get into the bar?

A: The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission provide all liquor licensed establishments with strict guidelines. If these conditions are not met, the bar can be fined substantially and/or our liquor licence can be revoked indefinitely. Below are the guidelines that must be met to enter our premises.
Valid Primary Identification must:
– Have a photo
– Include a date of birth
– Have a name
– Not be expired
– Have a signature
– Have a unique number
– Be gov. issued
– Be an original (not a copy)

Highschool/post-secondary student ID, healthcare cards (except Ontario), employee ID, credit/debit cards, club memberships, marriage certificates, temporary drivers license permit, laminated or photocopied documents, and expired ID more than 14 days will not be accepted for entry.

Q: How much is your Cover Charge?

A: Cover is $10 without a guest list. Need a guest list? Click the button below!

Q: How much is coat check?

A: Coat check is included in your $10 cover cost. If you have a guest list, it is $2.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No sweat pants/joggers, no steel/composite toed boots, no soiled or chemically stained clothing, no offensive or “support” wear, footwear must be worn at all times. As the old saying goes, no shoes, no shirt, no service!
*Country attire is definitely encouraged!*

Q: What is your code of conduct?

Patron Code Of Conduct

*no “roughhousing” or “horse play” *no consensual & non-consensual fighting

*no using, possessing or selling controlled substances *intoxication

*no possession of outside or unlicensed liquor *no possessing weapons

*no gang member or gang affiliation *no disrespecting cook county staff

*failing to follow the direction of cook county staff

*anything detrimental to the orderly operation of a licensed premise