December 9, 2022 – The Dirt Road Angels Performing Live!

December 9, 2022 – The Dirt Road Angels Performing Live!


The Dirt Road Angels are performing live on the Cook County Saloon Stage December 9, 2022!

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Doors At 6:00 PM, show starts at 7:30 PM. Seating is FCFS.

Advance tickets: $15, Tickets Purchased At The Door: $20


Energetic country meets edgy rock when the Dirt Road Angels hit the stage. Their newest single “Where is the Love" focuses on restoring peace and unity in the world regardless of differing opinions and beliefs with the power of LOVE. The Dirt Road Angels are a rockin’ country female group who deliver deliciously layered harmonies and an undeniably hefty dose of charisma along with a high-energy stage performance.

Individual recording artists Danita Lynn, Dahlia Wakefield, Shila Marie and Karen Claypool came together in the fall of 2013 releasing an introductory compilation CD branding themselves the Dirt Road Angels. Since their inception, the group has gone on to record two more albums "Paint The Town Red" (2014) and "Extra Dirty" (2018) and have since then released many singles and videos. Their newest single release is a song written by DRA and Rob Hewes called "Where is the Love.” It basically asks the question: where has the love gone in the craziness of the world today? Sometimes it seems so close, and yet so far away... however, it is The Dirt Road Angels’ hope is that this song will bring peace and love into hearts and to a world that needs love! Produced by Rob Hewes, their trusted producer since the beginning of the group’s projects, meticulously weaves and blends their vocals into a musical tapestry enticing listeners to want to hear more of their lush, intricate harmonies laced into heartwarming melodies and relatable lyrics.